The most enjoyable times of my life have been when interacting with African wildlife. It was a privilege to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and it was from this that I created the company name Wildlife Encounters. 

I spent an incredible 6 years in South Africa where I qualified as a safari guide and helped with National Geographic, other documentaries and film shoots.

I also conducted tours but most of the time I was helping with a conservation project aimed at endangered species. The last 6 months there I helped catch crocodiles for the Zululand Crocodile Project.

I then toured Europe for 3 years where I found some interesting wildlife and some beautiful scenery too.

My work reflects and brings together my passions for nature, art and photography.

I have photos published in World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) magazine, Eastbourne Tourist Guide, Eastbourne Herald and on many internet sites, I also have photos on display in the Premier Inn Restaurant called ‘The Kitchen’ Brighton.

The Canadian heavy metal band 'Quartered' have a photo of mine on the cover of their album 'Casa'

Artists statement

The galleries on this site include representational photographs (the image portrayed as was seen) but also images processed as fine art (Images from the imagination).

My work has developed from sharing what I have seen to an extension of the heart.

I believe in dynamic free thinking and creative vision and an image should trigger emotions in the viewer.

I try to recreate not just what the eye has seen but with processing introduce the emotion of the moment as well.

To produce that image I use whatever processing tools are necessary to recreate my imagination.

Tools used

Camera - Nikon D3s with a variety of professional lenses.

Software - Adobe Photoshop CC (and Plugins from Nik Software, OnOne Software,Topaz Labs Software)

I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoyed making them.

Steve Slater

Wildlife Encounters Ltd